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Jeffrey Quintero

Miami, Fl

As a pioneer of many new technology waves, published first multimedia magazine for Latin America, first Internet service provider for Brazilian corporations, designed, build leading B2B portals for Hispanic Entertainment Industry, and leading B2B portal for Latin America’s wireless and mobile industries. For last 14 years applied and expanded Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness approach to conceive a new life valuing framework, innovation method, and partnering model which he calls “Creational-Value Co-Realizing.” By leveraging the functionality of distributed P2P networks this model delivers a more purposeful way to capitalize on all the value dimensions of our humanity. Now seeking for partners is to self-fund, build, and manage a global, life-centered (as opposed to money-centered), collaborative innovation and commercialization ecosystem. This ecosystem is for empowering ourselves and many others to capitalize our combined creativity toward generating meaningful livelihoods. This livelihoods will be generated based on partnering to co-realize life improvement projects. 1. Innovator-Builder ( see my BOSI profile: Invent products/services/programs/events and commercialize them at scale 2. Cultural Architect: Articulate semantic frameworks that breakthrough cultural constraints and therefore elicit the emergence of new level of socioeconomic functionality for organizations 3.Technology Visionary: Identify emergent but dissociated technology that when combined produce the game changing synergy that causes the creation of new market-spaces 4. Opportunity Synergizer: Envision game changing opportunities and broker partnerships among the most likely potential beneficiaries 5. Integral Emergence Philosopher: Seek to co-realize truth that explains the spiritual-to-material cognitive continuum 6. Creational-Value Co-Realizer: Design, deploy and build Purposeful Creativity Capitalizing Ecosystem

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