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Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

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Every company big or small has a mission. But that mission gets harder when you are tied down with equity administration and expensive legal bills like paying thousands of dollars to issue stock certificates to investors or reconciling old capitalization tables (or cap tables). Then there’s the dreaded paperwork. For instance, emailing agreements, collecting checks when the exercise etc. The information is overwhelming when you do not need it and missing some important piece when you do.

But what if you had everyone and everything on the same page? With Carta (earlier eShares), you do.

Carta is the equity administration platform for private companies. Issue founders stock on day one with a simple issuance workflow. Send certificates to investors with the click of a button. With your directors all in one place, you can synchronize board approvals quickly and efficiently.

For new employees, grant options without a single sheet of paper. When it is time to exercise they can do it all online through a personal portfolio; that means no paper checks for your HR team to process. With every transaction happening in one place your cap table is built from the ground up.

So when it’s finally time to run the liquidity event, Carta takes all those moving parts and executes seamlessly with one click.

Whether you are two founders in a garage or just getting ready for your IPO don’t waste another minute updating a cap table the old way. Get Carta and get back to your mission.

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