The Best Audio-or-Video to Text Transcription Software

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You can use transcription products and services to convert audio into text.

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Audio!You love it. Everyone loves a great audio or so you think. But if you are a podcaster or say producer of videos with great sounding audio, are you doing enough by just publishing such content with awesome audio? Are you maximizing the reach of your content? Not unless you are repurposing it.

What is repurposing content you ask?

Repurposing content is to convert and recreate it in multiple formats for reuse across multiple channels. For instance, you can repurpose a podcast as a blog post, as a news article or an Instagram story etc.

Why repurpose audio or speech into text?

The goal of repurposing the content is to gain more audience. By repurposing, you amplify the message by increasing its reach across multiple channels. I call it channel or content diversification.

Not just that, a podcast or video with accompanying text will be indexed easily and rank higher in search engines.

How to transcribe audio to text?

The answer is in the question. You transcribe.

Transcribing is the process of converting audio to text. Now, while there are multiple options available to help with your transcription needs, we highlight only the absolute best on

Yes, it’s a plug for startuphubs but hey, no need to be modest as we take pride in the fact that we bring the best together.

What to look for in a transcription product or service?

There are hundreds of transcription products or services in the market across a wide varying price range. If you are in the market shopping for the best transcription service, we recommend you mostly focus on these key things.

  • Features
  • Cost
  • Support
  • Documentation – should not be needed for the ones with great usability but still…


Transcribing does automate converting speech to text
Transcribing does not eliminate the need to proof-read.

Who makes the best transcribing tools?

1Inbuilt – Believe it or not, your computing device – be it desktop, laptop or other handheld might already have a transcription service inbuilt. You might want to start there first. Here are a few pointers

Speech recognition in Windows

Speech recognition in iOS (Mac, iPad, iPhone)

Speech recognition in Android

Speech recognition has also been available on *nix systems for a long time

Consult your product documentation or search online and there should be plenty of resources available showing how to use inbuilt speech recognition capabilities

None of those fit your requirements? Then you might want to consider the below free transcription products.

2InqScribe – offers free and paid versions on both WindowsOS and macOS.

It is a downloadable application and can play transcribe audio and video from a URL, or files from your local storage

3Express Scribe – Developed by an Australian company called NCH Software, it comes in Free and Pro version for both Windows and macOS.

The free version can help transcribe recordings that are in common audio formats, including wav, mp3, wma and dct. You can upgrade to Pro version for added features and audio formats.

4The FTW Transcriber – Available on Windows and Android devices, this is a popular transcription software that offers useful features such as automatic timestamps, transcribe local and remote files without having to download, wide array of audio formats, superior sound quality etc.

As mentioned, the FTWTranscriber can be used on Android smartphones and tablets as well.

5oTranscribe – Created by Elliot Bentley and supported by MuckRock foundation, this is a hosted web application, meaning it is a web based online transcription service.

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The Best Audio-or-Video to Text Transcription Software
The Best Audio-or-Video to Text Transcription Software
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