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Last Updated - Jan 2nd, 2021

We believe you’ll find what you need answered here. If not, you can always reach out with your questions and we’ll respond at the earliest.

What is

It’s a hub for startups to make things happen and grow using the best available resources at an unbeatable price. We spend our valuable resources in finding and negotiating the best so you can save your valuable time and money. It’s a dream that continued to evolved into its current reality after more than 15 years.

Why does exist?

It exists to solve problems we encountered. Isn’t that how it should begin?

Problem 1: There are several me-too products and services claiming to address your needs and help your startup grow its business. Then there are few little known or upcoming resources which are best of the best but lack visibility. Would you rather waste time with endless search or benefit from the extensive research and results we put together for you in an easy-to-digest format?

Problem 2: If you are on the other end of the spectrum and have developed an awesome product or service but have little or no budget to market, you might be losing users even before they get to know about you. How do you claim existence on the noisy world wide web and improve the chances of success?

We exist to address the above problems and help you thrive in startup hubs.

How do we do it?

Our business is to decipher and surface the best using human assisted artificial intelligence. In doing so, we also interpret the real emotions from the experiences shared by our network of human partners.

We then give structure to our findings and present it to you in an easy-to-read format so you can make decision in minutes instead of wasting hours and days. We want to help you get things done more efficiently and focus on what matters most in your life.

How much does it cost?

  • Registration

    Free /to use
    • Sign-up is FREE
    • No additional fee when you purchase an item
    • Best in class support
  • Free Listing

    Free /to list
    • Be visible. Grow your audience. Get listed on startup hubs
    • Pocket all earnings from your sales. Zero commissions
    • Self-service with limited support
  • Managed Service

    US$199 /per request
    • Everything under Free Listing plus more
    • Let us do it all for you. Product analysis included
    • Best in class support

Everyone claims they are the best? What if I don’t agree with anything on startuphubs?

We believe everyone does want to be the best. Sometimes they get influenced and might settle with what is not the best for their end users. That is where we differ.

While we too strive to be the best, we never compromise on quality. You can say that’s our mantra.

We either seek out the best ourselves or get several requests claiming to be the best on a regular basis. Many that reach out to us are willing to pay to be listed as well. In our opinion, paid listings are a nice way to facilitate bribes without end user’s best interests in mind. Yes, bribes are tempting but we stick to our purpose and that is to ensure highest quality in startup hubs.

We take time to review every single product or service before it gets a chance to go live on We then continually monitor the performance of the product or service and feedback from the end users. Mistakes are bound to happen and so we also check to what extent the providers go to make it right, if it is truly something on their side. When they do, they end up getting more business. If not, and the partner no longer meet the standards, we part ways. That is how it works @ startuphubs.

In summary, we proactively work to ensure quality and take it very seriously. That’s our assurance but you can reach out to us anytime to discuss further.

We’re the best and have more idea. How can we partner with

We’re just a form away.

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