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Let's connect and grow together! Learn more about us and how we got here.

A startup’s story and their journey in some sense is like a fairytale. It feels magical and happy to the onlookers but that is far from reality. A startup’s journey too is fraught with extreme hardships that doesn’t always end well.

Our journey till here wasn’t short of a fairy-tale fantasy either. We went through all the trials and tribulations, learning through several expensive mistakes and errors over multiple years. What you see today is a result of all those experiences as we continue to evolve. It’s just the beginning.

“I believe the reason we’re still around is because we never stopped dreaming or gave up on what we set out to accomplish. We kept trying but more importantly kept doing until we realized what’s important to us and to those who come to us.”
“Startups are not an alternate career solutions. While initiating a startup, first of all, you will have to convince yourself that next 2 years may not give you tangible achievements, but still give something that will nourish your spirit of entrepreneurship. This is a field where Darwin’s law works at its best.”
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