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  1. What exactly are startup-hubs? How would they help?
  2. What are the characteristics of the best startup hub?
  3. Where is the best startuphub? Should I move to Silicon Valley?

..and so goes the list of questions on the mind of a startup entrepreneur with eyes full of dreams, a dream to build a business successful on all fronts. Somehow, somewhere the entrepreneur hears of a so called startuphub, a fairyland of sorts where dreams magically turn into reality.

But is there really such a thing called startuphub? Yes.

No matter what you want to call it, any community where a startup can thrive and grow is in my opinion a startuphub. It’s a hub where all the things a startup needs come together and can be found, be it the best startup experts and visionaries, top angel investors and VCs, best startup tools and resources, startup coaches, founders, talent etc.

How do I find a startuphub? Clue: It’s at your fingertips.

If the world is flattening and is getting increasingly interconnected than ever before, how can access to a startuphub be limited to a privileged few? It’s time to disrupt traditional startup hubs, powered by technology and Internet. The interconnected world is your startuphub. Connect freely, anytime and from anywhere.

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