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240 hours to build your idea into a fully functional product

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We are code alchemists for your ideas. We help build a stable and scalable MVP quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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Convert your idea into a simple, lovable and complete product aka SLC (it is better than minimum viable product aka MVP)

Congrats! You’ve got a great idea. What next?

Yes, it all starts with an idea but we’ve all heard ideas are dime a dozen. Make your idea priceless by implementing it. In reality, most ideas never see the light of the day. While many get excited about an idea, very few work on it due to various reasons. We’re here to help and see your idea and you succeed.

The first step would be to validate your idea. Validation can be in the form of market research, surveys, interviewing potential customers. Depending on the nature of idea, validating your idea would also require a functional product/service that you can showcase to potential investors and users. Seeing an idea in action undoubtedly offers several advantages.

We at Coppernine give shape and life to your idea by implementing it and deliver an actual product.

We help create a SLC version not just a MVP. What’s the difference you ask? See the image below to understand.

MVP versus SLC

If that’s what you require, here is your chance to productize the idea and reap benefits.

What’s included?

    • 240 hours of expert development resources that generally costs $50 – $100/hr
    • Functional web application optimized for mobile platforms
    • Ownership to beautiful product & code

How does it work?

  1. Ask questions to discuss the fit and if you need any other clarifications
  2. Make the purchase when you are ready
  3. Receive the finished product

Why are we doing this

We are always interested in growing our awesome client base and love to work with bootstrapped entrepreneurs in building & launching their ideas. By providing an affordable kickstart, we hope you not only get to experience our services but would want to hire us when your bootstrapped startup grows or gets funded. 🏆

Our strengths

We have experience in conceptualizing and creating web/mobile products in Consumer, Retail ecommerce, Education, Government, Healthcare, Transportation and IoT integrations.

Technologies we use

Ruby On Rails experts building scalable products using several other technologies – Javascript, AWS, Heroku, JQuery, CSS, Azure, Nginx, Passenger, Unicorn, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB and more.

10Expert Score
We help Kickstart, Conceptualize, Develop, Launch, Scale & Support products built around your ideas.
  • Ability to deliver and provide elegant solutions
  • Follows industry standard best practices
  • Expertise in wide array of latest technologies
  • Not expensive enough :)

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  1. March 5, 2019

    Would you sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

    We very much understand the desire to keep your information confidential. We will be happy to sign a NDA that protects the rights of all involved parties.

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